Working closely with Global Retail for Jordan Brand, we came up with the Jordan Brand store of the future. This concept has been used in the Hong Kong flagship store, and the new Dubai store.



As a competitive cyclist myself, this was a fun project to work on. Sure, the sunglasses are a bit over the top in their design, but allowed the Art Director, Brand Designer and myself to have a little fun with it. The brand focus was on one of their new pro athletes, Mark " The Manx Missile" Cavendish. At the time, Mark was the fastest cyclist on the planet, racking up over 25 Tour de France stage wins. Getting one Tour de France stage win is not easy, so over 25 is quite impressive. Taking speed and motion into account, we designed an air tunnel experience for the Oakley consumer. Put the glasses on and see just how fast they are for yourself. 



Microsoft wanted to know what their shop-in-shop store of the future could look like, inside a big box retailer. Working closely with Art Directors and Creative Designers we came up with something that not only felt different than what Microsoft was currently doing, but gave them a fresh new face a the same time. 



I was tasked with designing a pinnacle fixture for Samsung that would live in existing Verizon stores. The design needed to be similar to what was already existing in store, with an update to make it feel different. I decided to update the materials to the existing fixture and add a canopy with back lighting to attract consumers.