In late February, Nordstrom held it's spring fashion show in Del Mar, California. For this project I designed the fashion show stage set and the boutique setting which included an accessories feature fixture, a new idea for a 'Step & Repeat' and a large backdrop to separate the boutique space from the fashion show space.



In the fall of 2012 TOPSHOP and Nordstrom joined forces to open TOPSHOP/TOPMAN shop-in-shops in fifteen Nordstrom stores, throughout the country. The Miami store was chosen to host the launch event. From fashion stages and graphic back drops to wayfinding and visual cues, the scene was set to launch Nordstrom's new partnership. A two-color screen printing table was used to make custom tees on the spot and graphics wrapped a delivery van that drove around Miami to raise awareness that TOPSHOP/TOPMAN was coming to Nordstrom.