I was recently contacted by a fan of my work looking to purchase a piece of art. After some back and forth we worked out that a commission piece was the best route. He gave me some dimensions and I set off. This one is on it’s way to Kelowna BC. Thanks, Curtis!!

What I’ve Done, You Do // 2’ x 9’ x 1.5” // Enamel and Latex on canvas // 2018-19


Side note:

Contrary to some feedback I’ve received, the title for this painting relates to absolutely nothing. To be completely transparent, all titles for my paintings come from song titles. Usually several song titles mashed up into one, and this painting is no different. I’m aware (now) that the title could have meaning to what I do (my style) and what some other artists do (similar to my style) but when I named the painting that was not my intent. Honestly, that I have to explain this is slightly frustrating. I suggest those looking for meaning in my titles not waste their time.