In 2014 I was sketching a lot… like, a lot. I still have about a hundred or so outlines to paint from that period of time. During that stretch I drew two pieces that I titled CMYK_1 and CMYK_2. Now, It’s rare that I sketch or paint something that i end up liking, but these two pieces were something I ended up really liking. Part of the reason (I think) is because I was really excited about the work that Christopher Derek Bruno was doing at this time (I still am).

Below is a sampling of the sketches, and some of the things I’ve done with them.

First is CMYK_1 - the original sketch and then how I colored it in.

Second is CMYK_2 - the original sketch and then how I colored it in.

Third is a digital print I did with Monokrome Books. This print was a limited run and will eventually be available in my store (when I get it up and running)

Fourth is a collaborative wall I did with Patrick Kane McGregor, Tristan McGregor, and Baby168 in Denver, Colorado for Colorado Crush. The wall is massive… seriously.

Fifth is a mural concept I did for Sky High murals in Brooklyn, NY. I brought in Persue to collaborate with me on this, he adding in a bunch of his characters and personal style, but eventually the project was given to another artist.

The sixth and final image is a concept for a new mural going up in Milwaukie, Oregon fall of 2019. This was the initial concept but the clients wanted to see something more, so I’m currently working on new ideas instead of trying to use old ones.