The agency I work for got me the new iPad Pro a few months back because they always saw me sketching and figured it would be cool to have as a tool in my arsenal. Obviously, I was stoked and couldn't wait to dig in. After some research about the best app for drawing/painting, I decided to give Procreate a try. There was definitely a learning curve to understanding how to customize brushes and make things work the way you want them to, but once I got going the iPad Pro and Procreate quickly became my go-to for sketching ideas. 


And of course, I've been playing around with personal stuff. This was something I was working on for HiFi wheels, as a large graphic that would apply to their carbon wheels. Then I got this idea of doing an entire bike that was 80s Hip-Hop/Graffiti/B-Boy themed. I haven't dug much deeper into the idea but I'm thinking I might have to, especially with Squid Bikes setting up their Rattlecan frames specifically for full customization.