Several years ago a friend of mine, Ian Lynam, took on the huge task of putting together a book about my Graffiti and art career. All I did was supply the photos and drawings, the stories and answered questions... Ian did all the hard work. Design, layout, photo retouch and the task of writing. It was a massive undertaking and he did it all for fun. I had no publisher prospect nor any money to produce it on my own. The finished book never saw the light of day, though I do still have a digital copy on my hard drive which I've glimpsed at a few times over the years with a sad face. 

Ian recently published an excerpt from the book on his website, which you can read here, along with some more recent photos of work I've done that you've already seen posted to this blog.  

Thanks Ian, I truly appreciate all that you've done for me, and continue to do!