Back in February I was part of a large scale exhibit on display at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington DC, called PUMP ME UP: DC Subculture of the 1980s. The exhibit was the brainchild of Roger Gastman, a DC area writer himself in the 90s, but also a thorough historian of DC subcultures. The exhibit focused on Graffiti, Punk Rock & GO-GO music... with special appearances by Graffiti writers from that era (including myself), Henry Rollins from Black Flag & Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat, and a host of who's who in the heyday of the GO-GO music world, and GO-GO Graffiti (Meeting Gangster George was a highlight, for me). 

The exhibit itself was massive with a lot of great memorabilia from all three genres... including my first few black books, you know, those precious early 'learning' years. I was proud and excited to be part of this show, and thankful for the hospitality Roger and Conoperative showed me. It was fun seeing old friends, looking at old photos of rooftops we had done, tracksides and tags caught and it was nice reminiscing about all the things we got away with, and some we didn't. 

You can see a great selection of images from the exhibit here and my sketchbooks on display are below...