There are two new books available from fellow Agents of Change members Augustine Kofie and Remi Rough

Augustine Kofie's new book Select Exhibition Works: 2001 - 2012 is best described as catalogue-ish type direct breakdown of very select studio works spanning 12 years of my art career. Being this is my first true publication I wanted to make sure that the first manifestation covered a body of works that can clearly show my evolution and growth. From my first true solo show at Frank Sosa’s infamous 33 1/3 bookstore [Banksy’s first LA show followed my solo there in 2001] to the Graffuturism show in Los Angeles to finish off 2012 and about 25 select shown in between.

You can get Augustine's book here.

Remi Rough's new book Images of Home 01 is an A5, 72 page documentation of images you rarely get to see… Mock ups, sketches, ideas, photos and more. 100 copies only, printed on recycled 100gm paper with a 250gm cover. 

You can get Remi's book here.

Source: http://keepdrafting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/kd-book_1.jpg