Over the last year the Graffuturism blog has become a major player in the documentation of artists who share a Graffiti background/history but have taken their work to new heights, leaving the 'rules' of writing behind.  

This December, in collaboration with Soze Gallery, the folks at Graffuturism are hosting a large group show featuring some of the major players in the genre. Obviously, this is not showing everyone who is doing amazing work work that falls into this category, but it is a great selection. Hopefully the show will become an annual event to give opportunities to more and more artists as the blog, and the genre, continue to grow.

I'm incredibly humbled to be part of this group, and really excited to share wall space with my peers and inspirations. If you're in LA, or thereabouts... make sure not to miss this. 

Below is the show flyer and detail shots of the pieces I've done for the show...