This posting should have been done a while ago, and I feel pretty bad about lagging in getting it posted. I apologize for the delay...

Sven Davis has curated yet another successful group exhibit of massive proportions at the rising Breeze Block Gallery, here in Portland. This one features over 200 artists who were tasked with creating up to three pieces of artwork the size of your average postcard. The show opened on May 2nd and runs till June 1st... so even though I lagged in sharing this info, you shouldn't in getting down there to see some of the amazing pieces on display. If you can't make it down there, you can always see the work here and buy it online. Please don't hesitate as works are selling pretty quickly. Once you see the caliber of artists who have participated, you'll understand why folks didn't waste time. 

Speaking of Breeze Block Gallery... Augustine Kofie, Christopher Derek Bruno and I will be doing a three-man show there in November. I promise to keep you all up to date on that as things progress. It's destined to be a banger with Sven Davis at the helm.

Here are my contributions to the Wider Than A Postcard exhibit...


As mentioned in a previous post, Christian Acker at Handselecta and I worked together to make a font from my handwriting several years ago. I wasn't the only one... Christian worked with a handful of writers to make fonts of their own. It's been a labor of love, one that has finally been published.

Christian is on a small tour promoting the book and will be in Portland, at Upper Playground, April 24th. If the photos from the other tour dates I've seen are anything to go from... this is going to be good, something not to be missed. Especially if you're a lover of all things handstyles. 

If you can't make it to the book release but still want your hands on the book, you're best chance is to pick one up at Upper Playground online, here.


The long wait is over, and definitely worth it... the Futurism 2.0 book has been released! I've been seeing snippets posted to Instagram and Facebook but I finally got a few shots of my pages within the book, so I thought I would share.

This amazing looking book is limited to only 250 copies and packed with over 180 pages of work from the artists who took part in the Futurism 2.0 exhibit in London, late last year. The book also comes with a limited edition print by Phil Ashcroft. Don't let this one slip you by, pick yours up here.


About five years ago I worked with Handselecta to create a font that was based on my handwriting. I'm not exactly sure why I've been so quiet about it because I really like the way it came out, and use it often, but it's one of those things that always slips my mind.

With the recent release of the Flip the Script book from Handselecta I was reminded once again of the JOKER font. Click the link to see more of the font, and once on the website you can check all the other great handwriting/handstyle/script fonts that Handselecta puts out. 



Back in February I was part of a large scale exhibit on display at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington DC, called PUMP ME UP: DC Subculture of the 1980s. The exhibit was the brainchild of Roger Gastman, a DC area writer himself in the 90s, but also a thorough historian of DC subcultures. The exhibit focused on Graffiti, Punk Rock & GO-GO music... with special appearances by Graffiti writers from that era (including myself), Henry Rollins from Black Flag & Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat, and a host of who's who in the heyday of the GO-GO music world, and GO-GO Graffiti (Meeting Gangster George was a highlight, for me). 

The exhibit itself was massive with a lot of great memorabilia from all three genres... including my first few black books, you know, those precious early 'learning' years. I was proud and excited to be part of this show, and thankful for the hospitality Roger and Conoperative showed me. It was fun seeing old friends, looking at old photos of rooftops we had done, tracksides and tags caught and it was nice reminiscing about all the things we got away with, and some we didn't. 

You can see a great selection of images from the exhibit here and my sketchbooks on display are below...



Recently I was invited to be a full time member of the artists group Agents of Change, based out of the UK. I've been friends with a handful of the guys over there for quite some time, and have worked with them on numerous projects over the years, so I've been an associate member (you could say) for a while. However, it's nice to be a full member with such an incredible group of artists who really are doing some incredible things.  

There are some big projects with AOC on the horizon for this year and I'm excited to see the results. The group has a reputation for doing some amazing collaborations with some of the biggest names in our culture. A good example is the Megaro Project where Remi Rough, Steve More, LX One and Augustine Kofie worked together to paint the largest mural in London on the Georgian building in Kings Cross, opposite St. Pancras International Station. Check out the video...


There are two new books available from fellow Agents of Change members Augustine Kofie and Remi Rough

Augustine Kofie's new book Select Exhibition Works: 2001 - 2012 is best described as catalogue-ish type direct breakdown of very select studio works spanning 12 years of my art career. Being this is my first true publication I wanted to make sure that the first manifestation covered a body of works that can clearly show my evolution and growth. From my first true solo show at Frank Sosa’s infamous 33 1/3 bookstore [Banksy’s first LA show followed my solo there in 2001] to the Graffuturism show in Los Angeles to finish off 2012 and about 25 select shown in between.

You can get Augustine's book here.

Remi Rough's new book Images of Home 01 is an A5, 72 page documentation of images you rarely get to see… Mock ups, sketches, ideas, photos and more. 100 copies only, printed on recycled 100gm paper with a 250gm cover. 

You can get Remi's book here.

Source: http://keepdrafting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/kd-book_1.jpg


For a while, now, my good friend Jeff and I have been talking about me working out a piece of art for his house. A few months ago he mentioned that he'd really like to do something special for his wife, Julianne, for Christmas. I asked him what colors she likes, and then got to work. This was a fun piece to work on for many reasons...

Special Edition for Julianne

3' x 3' x 2" - Enamel on Birch Ply - 2012



Newest member to TRANSCEND, Christopher Derek Bruno, has three new prints available for purchase. They are a super limited run at only 10 of each print. They're really stylized, very cool, and absolutely beautiful. Don't hesitate... you can pick them up --> here.



Over the last year the Graffuturism blog has become a major player in the documentation of artists who share a Graffiti background/history but have taken their work to new heights, leaving the 'rules' of writing behind.  

This December, in collaboration with Soze Gallery, the folks at Graffuturism are hosting a large group show featuring some of the major players in the genre. Obviously, this is not showing everyone who is doing amazing work work that falls into this category, but it is a great selection. Hopefully the show will become an annual event to give opportunities to more and more artists as the blog, and the genre, continue to grow.

I'm incredibly humbled to be part of this group, and really excited to share wall space with my peers and inspirations. If you're in LA, or thereabouts... make sure not to miss this. 

Below is the show flyer and detail shots of the pieces I've done for the show...


It's been a few weeks since the Futurism 2.0 exhibit opened and I'm finally getting around to editing my photos. I'm finding that I missed getting photos of a few pieces... Divine Styler and Matt W. Moore. This was an awesome show to be a part of. A great experience, for sure.

If you'd like a catalogue from the show or a book (coming out in December) you can get them from the Futurism 2.0 website.


Well, Futurism 2.0 happened. The opening went really well, lots of people walked through the doors to eye some amazing work. The after party was great, too... but I may have taken on a few too many ciders. Feeling a little slow, today. 

I'll have a larger more in-depth review of the show and artwork on display, but in the mean time here's a full image of my piece.


4' x 5' - Enamel on Wood